Innovations from AEROMEH won the All-Ukrainian contest "Invention 2020"

The manufacturer of grain cleaning equipment "AEROMEH" today is the developer and owner of more than 70 patents (developments). The founders of the AEROMEH plant are constantly developing the scientific activities of the enterprise. The introduction of our own development and innovation in the enterprise is a priority. In 2020 alone, more than 15 patents were registered. Of these, several patents for the invention, which were tested for world-class novelty. In this regard, the company "AEROMEH" took part in the all-Ukrainian competition of patents.
On June 24, the finals of the All-Ukrainian contest “Invention of the Year 2020” were held online in the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, where the best inventions and developments for the last 5 years were determined.
    The competition considered 244 projects submitted for registration of the invention over the past 5 years. As a result, 12 winners in different categories were determined.
    In the nomination "AIC Technologies", the invention "The separation method with additional purification of grain material and the aerodynamic separator CAD for its implementation" (patent 116073) won - which received 98 points from the jury. This is the maximum number of points from all 12 nominations.


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