Creation of the separator CAD is deeply rooted in the 80s of the last century. A scientist, doctor of technical sciences, who began to devote himself to inventive activity starting from the student age, back then he could not even imagine that his developments in the field of agricultural machine-building would have a global novelty. And it was difficult to imagine that these inventions would work for the benefit, increasing the volume of produced grain.

We would like to introduce you to the author of world-known separators CAD – Vladimir Stepanovich Sukhin. From the idea to the first model, Vladimir Stepanovich has undergone a long way of calculations, drafts, and drawings. Because back then there was no computer graphics and software for creating drawings. At each stage of implementation of the separator into life, not only mathematical calculations, drafts and drawings, but also analysis of various methods for selecting seeds and their sowing qualities were carried out.

The scientist was engaged in studying the ways of selecting strong seeds for years. Together with the agronomist scientist Irina Vladimirovna Chernobay, there was found a complex feature characterizing the seeds of full value and a strong germ. This is the specific weight of the caryopsis. Starting from their student ages, the farmers know that the full value of seeds depends on the place of the caryopsis’s formation. If to take wheat and some grain-crops, the most valuable seeds are formed in the middle of the ear, in sunflower – in the middle part of the inflorescence. But how to select such seeds, because the calibration by size results in difference in the specific weight, and hence in the biological value.

Scientists were trying to create a machine for selecting of such full-value seeds with the maximum specific weight. To begin with, the idea was to organize the air flows in such a way that they could rather accurately calibrate the grain by the specific weight. For this, the impeller was initially tested (an ordinary fan enclosed in a shell). Unfortunately, the impeller did not give the expected result. It was not possible to manage in a simple way. Nature cannot be fooled. When the impeller is working, turbulences of air flows are formed in the separation chamber, which behave unpredictably. In addition, over the entire area, from the air source there were a number of dead zones that created an imbalance in the separation chamber.

After such a negative result, the inventor began to develop a jet generator. The task was to obtain a uniform equalized air flow, and with adjustable power.

Studying the literature on aerodynamics, the author came across one paradox that allowed him to make a series of calculations and apply it in the work of the separator CAD. This is the paradox of Eiffel. The body of a specifically small size falls down faster if it has a exasperate surface. Though it seems that a smooth ball, for example, should fall on the ground faster than the exactly same, but exasperate one.

Therefore, the author deliberately abandoned the idea of an impeller and created the jet generator, which organizes the air flows in such a way that the caryopsis is selected by the specific weight, regardless of its orientation (width, length or thickness). Production of a jet generator is certainly more laborious and costlier than production of an impeller. But these costs are warrantable.

Concurrently with the development of the separator CAD, patenting of the separation method itself was carried out. And in 2001, the first aerodynamic separator CAD was produced. Production of separators CAD has been mastered the factory AEROMEH, which brought together a very strong team of scientists, engineers and designers. Then the separator CAD has been constantly improved and refined. At each stage of the improvement of the unit, numerous studies and trials were carried out. Having passed the tests of some separator’s units, they were patented. The very method of separation has been constantly updated. And today the factory „AEROMEH“ is the owner of more than 70 patents, relating not only to the grain-cleaning equipment. Among the patents there are many patents for the invention, which confirm the world novelty. The latest such patent was obtained in 2018. Some patents of Sukhin V.S. are recognized as the world discovery. But the author’s modesty did not allow him to be honored with the Nobel Prize and other awards in the field of inventions and discoveries. For the author of the separators CAD, the main rewards are his successful inventions that benefit the mankind.

Enterprise AEROMEH is an innovative enterprise. Today, the development and implementation of know-how is a rather difficult stage in the formation of any enterprise. But any science warrants itself. Developers of separators CAD stood at the origins of its creation and are still actively developing science at the factory. Producers, achieving excellent results, should listen to science, introducing new technologies. After all, quite recently, 18 years ago, long-established methods of grain-cleaning, designed according to standards of the 80-90s, were introduced to the market of grain-cleaning equipment. Sieve machines, sifters, vibropneumatic tables, which have been used in the grain-processing industry for more than 100 years. These machines are constantly being improved, but the principle remains the same. The aerodynamic separator CAD has made a breakthrough in this industry. Due to its simplicity and universality, it has torn all stereotypes and approaches to the grain-cleaning. Careful and accurate calibration of seeds according to the specific weight, effective cleaning of grain, lack of strict requirements for the source material in moisture and infestation, fast change of operating modes of the separator, made a revolution in grain-cleaning. Now almost every farm in Ukraine prepares sowing material with the help of separators CAD. The perfect operation of the machine also attracts farmers from other countries of the world. And today, separators CAD are being supplied to more than 52 countries of the world.

Today we are talking about the fact that there is no analogue to our aerodynamic separator CAD in the world. In other countries, our separators CAD are also in demand because it is the most careful and profitable technology for preparing the sowing material.


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