Products of the plant „Aeromeh“ is very popular at the exhibition „Agro 2018“

         In the beginning of June this year in the capital of our state, in Kiev XXX international agricultural exhibition „AGRO 2018“ took place. Its participants were domestic large enterprises and farms, as well as representatives of the agrarian business, industrialists and agricultural producers from near and far abroad. At the exhibition there was something to see, because the best examples of the goods, novelties, basic models – all this was shown in detail by the agrarians of Ukraine and Europe.

Plant „Aeromeh“, which is located in the city of Kremennaya, has been an active participant of the exhibition for the seventeenth time in a row. I am interested in the impressions of this large-scale event from Irina Chernobay, the science director of the LLC „Scientific-Production Enterprise“ Aeromeh“.

– What can you say about the exhibition as a whole? – I ask the interlocutor.

– You see, we are not the first time here, we have the experience of regular participants, and therefore – the main criterion indicating whether or not it was possible – the final result. It is important for us that the number of meetings held by managers, understanding the problems of farmers and the embodiment of their dreams in improving our equipment.

– Did you manage to realize what was planned for this exhibition? – I continue the conversation.

„Look yourself.“ Today the second day of work of our exposition continues. Separators are put into operation. Selection, calibration and cleaning of grain occur continuously.

– Indeed, customers are flowing.

– Yes. Present representatives of all regions of Ukraine, very many farmers from the western part of the country. They are interested, ask questions, look at the cleaning process.

– They also take pictures with pleasure, – comment Irina’s words.

– Attendance of our stand is very high, especially, probably, and because the unit is demonstrated in action. I am pleasantly surprised that our dealers came here – representatives of Austria, Belgium, Romania, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Australia and many others. We also acquainted them with the work of the separator, told about all its advantages, as well as our recent innovations.

– What are your innovations?

– This year we presented three new developments to the exhibition. The first is a separator CAD with a built-in scalping system. The mechanism is supplemented with a system of preliminary cleaning of grain, which removes large impurities, namely: sunflower caps, large spikelets, straw, large sticks. This facilitates the further separation process and improves grain quality at the outlet. In other words: two cars in one (two functions are combined).

Another novelty is the self-propelled grain cleaning complex (CZK-CAD-15). This complex includes the separator itself, the noria for unloading clean grain, the auger for waste disposal. It is also equipped with a grain picker and grain loader in the receiving hopper. This machine solves a huge number of tasks and facilitates the work of farmers. For example, he arrives at the grain loom, loads it himself, cleans and removes the cleaned grain and waste in the right directions. This also increases the efficiency of cleaning at times.

– What is the third novelty?

– Separator CAD with computer control system. Let’s just say, this is the car of the future. It is clear that now it is not in demand in agribusiness, as others. But we need to keep up with the times. Mechanical regulation is good. And already there are a lot of people who want to control the process from the tablet. The adjustments are adjusted on a small screen: this includes feeding the grain and adjusting the air, as well as controlling the curtains of each fraction. Now we can do this through the touch screen. This development took half a year.

I want to note that we communicated with Irina in a continuous work process. The exhibition stand of the plant „Aeromeh“ resembled a beehive. Each manager is busy with working with clients, advises, shows, the separator CAD works constantly, everything is done before our eyes, clients are streaming. The result of the work is visible to the naked eye.

About whether the goal set at the exhibition has been achieved, it will be possible to talk later when the signing of new contracts, but I say one thing confidently: the products of the plant „Aeromeh“ are in high demand, popular, have good demand and good reviews from agrarians of Ukraine and Europe.

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