„Carefully check the data,“ urges Irina Chernobay, director of science at  Aeromeh Ltd. „Unfortunately in the agricultural equipment market, we see a lot of fakes recently that use the results of our scientific research, and also copy the appearance of the separator SAD. But the external resemblance, not a sign of quality. Empty inside – money on the air. We are not using the Impellers. Back in 2001, we proved their inefficiency on the separators. Air flow after the impeller allows only to blow off dust, so are conventional winnowers. The secret of separators  SAD in special constructions. This you will not find anywhere else! The airflow pressure from the radial fan is equalized by the jet generator. It scans every grain. What does it give? Precision calibration of seeds by specific gravity „.
Grain separator SAD from the plant „Aeromeh“ gained popularity, except in Ukraine in 50 countries of the world. Our technology appeared on the agrarian market back in 2001. The uniqueness  separator  SAD technology from „Aeromeh“ in Kremennaya: the machine can select the grains formed in the middle zone of the ear – where the most valuable grain has the maximum yield potential. The yield increment can be from such seeds up to 35%. (Proved by many years of research). The unrecoverable system of cleaning and preparation of inoculum allows to work both with small seeds and with large seeds. And more: there are no restrictions on humidity and contamination of the source material, the device separates everything, separates dust, light impurities, sexual, weed seeds. On the SAD separators, you reduce the infection and trauma of the seeds.

Even under such circumstances, the fact is still a fact: the separator SAD is the cheapest way of obtaining quality seed. And it pays off already for a season.
Address to the manufacturer:  „Aeromeh“: (050) 348-9271, 614-5257, 444-7731, (097) 727-2382
www.aeromeh.com.ua, [email protected]

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